Advance Spreadsheet and Data Presentation

Summary of Key Learnings
  • Develop the skill of data presentation
  • Core concepts of spreadsheet

Course Breakdown

Day 1: Data Categorization and Structuring

  • 1: Data types and categorizing data
  • 2: Data consolidation
  • 3: Complex Conditional formatting
  • 4: Comparing documents
  • 5: Absolute and relative cell referencing

Objective:On the first day we will be familiar with the tools and menus of Excel and be able to create a printable document with simple calculation.

Day 2:Data Manipulation and calculations

  • 1: Mathematical functions
  • 2: Statistical functions
  • 3: Conditional functions
  • 4: Text functions

Objective:On this day we will learn how to do calculations on the data. Day to day calculation’s like addition, subtraction, Finding mean, median, average etc. Further we will learn to separate First name and last name from the Full Name.

Day 3:Data Analysis

  • 1: Complex Conditional functions
  • 2: Vlookup and Hlookup
  • 3: Pivot tables
  • 4: Compound Sorting and filtering

Objective:Excel can be used to filter and calculate on the same data. In this session we will be focusing on how we can separate data like males from females and finalize the data in a presentable form.

Day 4:Data Visualization,Presentation and Automation

  • 1: Data presentation and reporting (charts)
  • 2: Macros
  • 3: Use of excel in PowerPoint

Objective:This session we will focus on summarizing the data on a visual format like creating charts and graphs. Further we will see how we can make a better presentation using power point.

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