Wordpress Development

Summary of Key Learnings
  • Learn How WordPress functions
  • Learn How easy it is to create your very own WordPress Theme
  • Fill your backpack with helpful plugins and have a classy CMS site running
  • Start Your Own Blog
  • Earn from Your site or start freelancing
  • Enthusiasm to learn web development.

Course Breakdown

  • Unit 1: Basic HTML/CSS foundation/bootstrap
    • Create Basic Structure for the site
    • Learn Responsive with Foundation / Bootstrap / Media Queries
    • Create Your Static Site
    • Learn about custom font and font icons
  • Unit 2: The Basics
    • Setup WordPress environment. Install xampp
    • Download Latest WordPress setup Package
    • Create database,Install WordPress and connect Database
    • Explore Twenty Sixteen Theme
    • Get Familiar With Dashboard
    • Know your Post and pages
    • Know about Media
    • User and user types
    • Let’s Switch Themes
    • Let’s Add Plugins
  • Unit 3:: Theme Development
    • Start from Scratch
    • WordPress Basic Loops
    • Template Hierarchy (Pre-Defined Template names)
    • Page Templates
    • Post Types

This Site is not longer Available